TXT held an online showcase on October 26 to celebrate the release of their third mini-album minisode1: Blue Hour. The album is the boy groups' gift to fans after their five-month hiatus since The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY.

The album is said to be a follow-up of the Dream Chapter series. minisode1: Blue Hour tells the story of boys who are surrounded by uncertainty after experiencing changes in their relationships, and it will serve as a connection to the group's next series.

During the online showcase, Taehyun shared as he introduced the album, saying that the album tells little stories that connect to their next series.

TXT's 'minisode1: Blue Hour' Title Track

Blue Hour, the title track of TXT's album, is an energetic dance track of the disco genre. The lyrics unveil the boys' mixed emotions regarding their friends and the world around them as they look up at the sky at 5:53 p.m. The time is where the sun sets in October. The Korean title for the group's song can be translated as "I Discovered You and Me in the Sky at 5:53."

Regarding the title track, Yeonjun shared that although the title might be surprising, he'd be slightly upset if the title was any shorter. He said that the group is trying to follow the steps of BTS. "We want to keep trending the disco. We included the complicated emotions of fear and awe that one feels at sunset," he added.

A Departure From The Old Style

The group's mini-album marks a new look of TXT in both choreography and outfits. Yeonjun revealed that the group tried to evoke a calm and gentle atmosphere with the title track. They tried to oppose their "cute" looks from their debut track CROWN. He added, "I think there are a lot of parts the fans will like."

Meanwhile, TXT's new album minisode1: Blue Hour consists of five tracks in total. This includes Ghosting, We Lost The Summer, Wishlist, and Way Home. In the composition of the track Ghosting, Soobin participated while Yeonjun and Hueningkai joined in Wishlist's composition. It was also noted that Taehyun took part in the composition of both tracks.