Fans can now savor TXT's new music once again as the group has finally released their third mini-album minisode 1: Blue Hour!

The K-Pop boy group on October 26 has released the music video for the album's title track entitled Blue Hour. The song Falls under the disco genre, and it is co-written and co-composed by LIL 27 CLUB, Kyler Niko, Slow Rabbit, and 'hitman' band (Bang Si Hyuk).

The five members of TXT also took part in the lyric-writing process. What makes it more impressive with the boys is that they participated in the lead single and the other four songs of the new album minisode 1: Blue Hour.

The song's lyrics unveil the boys' mixed emotions of fear and amazement as they look up at the sky at 5:53 p.m. The time is when the sun sets in October. It is the month that the TXT song is being launched.

Furthermore, 5:53 p.m. is the time of the day when the sky is most beautiful. However, it is also when the shadows are swiftly cast on the land, and darkness covers everywhere.

The third mini-album of TXT minisode 1: Blue Hour marks their first comeback after the five-month hiatus group. On May 28, the group's previous extended play entitled The Dream Chapter: Eternity was released.

Ghosting, Blue Hour, We Lost The Summer, Wishlist, and Way Home are the five tracks that composed TXT's new album.

Before the boys' comeback, the third mini-album, as reported by the press, will serve as a short installment told by the TXT members before they proceed to their next series.

Moreover, the Korean boy band has now finally concluded their Dream Chapter series. It started with the group's debut extended play The Dream Chapter: Star, followed by The Dream Chapter: Magic, and ended with The Dream Chapter: Eternity.

Watch TXT's new music video for Blue Hour here!