Lee Do Hyun graces the front cover and poses candidly for Dazed Korea magazine. He also shared some details from his movie projects in the following interview from the fashion magazine. (via Soompi)

Lee Do Hyun is known not only for being a workaholic but also for an actor who embodies strong work ethics. He is currently starring in the ongoing JTBC's '18 Again.'

Lee Do Hyun shared that he admitted that he sees it as something related to studying when it comes to work, especially with his drama and movie projects. Lee Do Hyun clarified that by studying the projects, he could make changes in his acting as he observes the other co-actors in the scene.

Lee Do Hyun is candidly gracing a black and white photo, showing off his bold and fierce face as he stares in the camera. He wears an openly daring white top in the photo.

This is followed by a close-up shot in his face revealing his truly mesmerizing eyes, winking at the camera. This shot got the hearts of his fans, expressing their admiration for the actor. (via Kdramastars)

Lee Do Hyun proceeded by sharing his thoughts on what kind of actor he would like others to see him in the future.

He shares that aside from working hard, as he should, he would like to become an actor that people could trust him to do his best and the directors and other people who will offer him upcoming projects.

Upon learning what he'd like to become in the future, some fans are touched and are currently giving him all the love and support he needs to achieve that.