BLACKPINK is indeed the top K-pop girl idol group across the world. They are currently receiving much interest and love from fans with their incomparable charms and unmatched talent.

Previously, the quartet performed their new song Lovesick Girls on Jimmy Kimmel Live for the first time. And just recently, the superstar group appeared on 'Good Morning America' as they talk about their new album.

Michael Strahan, the host, greeted Jennie, Rose, Lisa, and Jisoo on the online interview and congratulated them on their success.

Why The Girls Name Their First Album 'The Album'

Michael asked various questions to the girls in which Rose and Jennie eloquently answered in English. One of the questions raised by the host is why they named their album The Album. Rose then replied that the girls did think of various names for the album. But they realized that their fans have been waiting patiently for it. And with this, the girls decided to name it The Album.

The Supportive Friends

Furthermore, another question was raised by Michael Strahan. He asked, "When the pandemic is over, where are you most looking forward to performing?" This was when the English speaking members Rose and Jennie encouraged their fellow member Lisa to talk.

Lisa is noted to be also fluent in speaking English. The two members then looked over to Lisa while Rose even put her hand towards her, which signals her to talk.

With the other girls giving her a chance, Lisa finally answered. She said, "All around the world because we miss our BLINKS so so much."

The Impressed Fans

Fans saw the cute warm interaction between the members, with the members giving Lisa a chance to talk since she also speaks English well. With this, the global fans admired the girls even more and even thankful for hearing Lisa's voice even for a short moment.

The members of BLACKPINK expressed their longing to see their fans as they desire to perform on stage live for fans in the soonest time.