Four membered boy band MASC officially announced their disbandment to their fans and public. 

On October 18, Sunday, MASC put up two uploaded clips of what seems to be their final message to their fans, one in Korean translation and one in English on their official YouTube channel. 

In the video, MASC informed the viewers that they would be officially disbanding after prosperous four years of career in the K-pop scene, following their successful debut back in 2016. 

MASC made a throwback moment in the heartfelt video message for their fans, recalling the first moment they set their foot on stage as a four-membered boy group called MASC.

MASC expressed their most profound gratitude for all the MABLING (MASC's fandom) for their unconditional love and undying support for them.

The band members expressed how those four years were filled with love, joy, and contentment even if they had been through hardships in life. 

They inform fans that from this day on, they will be embarking on an individual path and would always be remembering the good times they had with each other and fans. 

The members promised to pay back all the support even in this challenging time that they have to disband, as they embark on new careers and activities as a solo artist. 

They promised to their best to make the fans still proud of them. 

Some fans are shocked and saddened by the news of the disbandment of MASC. 

But the majority of the MABLINGs still showed them their full support and sent them their well-wishes. 

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About MASC

After the departure of the other four members of the original 8-membered boy group of MASC, the band continued its career with the remaining four members Woosoo, Heekae, Ireah, and Moonbong. 

In October 2018, MASC was able to get back in the K-pop scene with a new album after one year of hiatus from the limelight following an alleged assault case controversy involving the members. 

That year, aside from the comeback and the album in the K-pop scene, MASC was also able to hold an international world tour with Southeast Asia as its first leg.