Harvard Business School's case study titled "Big Hit Entertainment and Blockbuster Band BTS: K-pop Goes Global" is now available to the public! The material is accessible through the Harvard Business Review online store.

With the success of BTS, it is no wonder that it paved the way to be recognized by the prestigious Harvard Business School. In the past three years of unwavering popularity, Harvard Professors have included the boys in the curriculum.

On June 26, KST, Harvard Business School's team led by Professor Anita Elberse, released a 'case study' that analyzes the success factors of the Big Hit and BTS, reports Korea Dispatch.

The study features BTS as "a true Superstar" heavily supported by ARMYs (BTS fans) around the globe. The study introduces BTS as "a band of 7 men in their 20s who had unprecedented success in the world, including the US market," analyzing it was a fantastic achievement in that most of the songs are in Korean.

In the 22-page report, the study highlights the K-pop's making superstars based on BTS's success and Big Hit Entertainment, Hellokpop wrote. The paper also includes the history of BTS and Big Hit, paying attention to the agency's training system to create world-class artists and their bold decision-making.

The study includes quoted interviews with Big Hit's Chairman- Bang Si Hyuk and other officials about the training system. They said that Big Hit's training program is like a university class; there are discussions with individual trainees to find the optimal schedule.

The agency also revealed that they are always working on finding a balance between autonomy and system efficacy, Koreaboo said. "The program includes a music appreciation course to help trainees discover the type of music they like to pursue and how to make that kind of music."

Big Hit cited in their interview that they respect the artists' decision-making power in their contracts and mentioned the dedicated fans who are much more engaged and enthusiastic.

Moreover, the paper analyzed the success of BTS through Professor Anita Elberse's "Blockbuster Law." The study began when the Harvard team visited Seoul in August last year.

Professor Anita will be using the material as part of her teaching materials for the next semester. Subsequently, the professor also offers online lectures to fans after posting the news of the case study on SNS, Hellokpop wrote.