How Do You Play? 's project group Refund Expedition with members Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa, Hwasa, and Jessi has topped the most buzzworthy cast members of non-drama shows' weekly rankings!

The quartet topped the week of October 5 to 11 to rank the most buzzworthy cast members on non-drama shows. Good Data Corporation compiled the results of the rankings.

The group members Lee Hyori, and Uhm Jung Hwa is also positioned at No. 9 and No. 10. Meanwhile, coming in fourth is How Do You Play? on the list of the most buzzworthy non-drama shows.

Refund Expedition

The four members of the project group were made through the MBC variety show How Do You Play? In this new group, the members are called in stage names Chun Ok (Lee Hyori), Man Ok (Uhm Jung Hwa), Sil Bi (MAMAMOO's Hwasa), and Eun Bi (Jessi)

Yoo Jae Suk is the group's general producer in the persona of Jimmy Yoo. On October 10, Refund Expedition debuted with Don't Touch Me, and they've swept the charts, even achieving many "perfect all-kills."

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Here are the top 10 buzzworthy non-drama TV show cast members for the second week of October!

1. Refund Expedition ("How Do You Play?")

2. Jang Yoon Jung (JTBC's "Hidden Singer 6")

3. Jun Jin (SBS's "Same Bed Different Dreams 2")

4. Lee Sang Yi (MBC's "Home Alone" ("I Live Alone"))

5. Ryu Yi Seo ("Same Bed Different Dreams 2")

6. Im Young Woong (TV Chosun's "Love Call Center")

7. Ken Rhee (MBC's "Radio Star")

8. Park Tae Joon ("Radio Star")

9. Lee Hyori ("How Do You Play?")

10. Uhm Jung Hwa (“How Do You Play?”)

Check out the top 10 buzzworthy non-drama TV shows for the week here:

1. "Love Call Center" – 4.4 percent

2. "Hidden Singer 6" – 4.33 percent

3. JTBC's "Ask Us Anything" – 4.2 percent

4. "How Do You Play?" – 3.98 percent

5. "Home Alone" – 3.55 percent

6. MBC's "The King of Mask Singer" – 3.51 percent

7. tvN's "New Journey to the West 8" – 3.33 percent

8. SBS's "Running Man" – 3.15 percent

9. tvN's "Amazing Saturday – Do Re Mi Market" – 3.05 percent

10. MBC's "Radio Star" – 3.04 percent

The rankings were compiled through the analysis of news articles, online communities, blog posts, videos, and social media posts about 178 non-drama TV shows that are currently on air or set to air soon.

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