Rapper, Alllex Black is back and is causing serious controversy after posting on Instagram, ripping posters of BTS member Suga.

The Ukrainian rapper, who was allegedly rumored to have plagiarized BTS Suga’s “Daechwita” track under the moniker Agust D, has returned and is making fun of the rumors surrounding him.

While Alllex Black’s Instagram account is private, all videos were uploaded by Egor, a friend of the rapper.

On an Instagram post, Alllex Black is ripping posters of Suga, in promoting his track “10K.” The rapper even showed his viewers of him throwing the ripped images on a bin.

On another Instagram post, viewers can see Alllex Black and Egor tearing images of BTS Suga that says “10K - Alllex Black” and commenting that “This is fake, it’s not original, don’t listen to it.” While, another poster that reads “Agust D - Daechwita” and commenting “this is original. Yeah …”

It is unclear to what message Alllex Black is saying, but according to reports, the rapper is maybe sending a message to all BTS fans, who suspected him of copying the Agust D track. Others also criticized that all this attention-seeking rapper is doing is a publicity stunt.

The Ukrainian rapper was accused of plagiarizing BTS Suga’s “Daechwita” track from his “10K” single as it has the same beat and cadence. In August 2020, ARMY joined on social media to denounce the alleged plagiarism of the song, Alllex Black had published the song “10K” on Youtube.

Besides that, Big Hit Entertainment also published a legal warning to Alllex Black that the company has analyzed the plagiarism case and had “10K” taken down to multiple complaints.

However, the rapper continues to post his single through various music platforms, even posting a video of him tied to a chair in a forest, and tagging Big Hit Entertainment.