BTS has once again made everyone mesmerized with their staggering performance at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards with their single hit, Dynamite!

The septet exceeded all expectations as they brought their A-game to the show with an extravagant performance shot at the Incheon International Airport. 

BTS V, known as the Stan Attractor, has charmed new fans into the world of BTS. Several fans tweeted that as BTS V tends to go viral on Twitter almost every other day, they expect that he will recruit new members into the fandom.

The Group Charmer

After the group's performance, several questions of non-fans inquiring are making waves online about "the one in the middle." Also flooding the internet are screenshots highlighting V. Many fans left fancams of the star as an introduction. With this curiosity arose from viewers, it can be said that V ignited even more interest from the non-fans to the group. The topic also went viral two times in an hour.

As reported by the Allkpop, some local non-k-pop fans also tweeted out V's fancams. On their posts, they include captions such as: "I know I just tweet about NBA stuff, but I am gonna grace your timeline with this beautiful man" and "This dude always goes viral and gets locals to listen to his group.. Powerful king."

Furthermore, V also left the ARMY gaping at their screens with the idol's scintillating performance.

The Proud Fans

With the mesmerizing effect of V's performance on the gushing fans, they said that V's vocal tone and projection are stable throughout the undertaking. Also, others shared that the consistency of V throughout their performance only proves that he never disappoints. 

Additionally, as V showcased his unique style in every performance of Dynamite, he also received massive praise from the fans. The idol even became a trending topic under the BBMA tag on Google.

For the fourth year in a row, the superstars won big at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards as they brought home the Top Social Artist award.