NCT is heightening the fans' anticipation and excitement for their new reality show titled NCT WORLD 2.0!

The NCT WORLD 2.0 is a Mnet reality show which is highly-anticipated by fans. It is set to star all the 23 NCT members who include their new additions Shotaro and Sungchan. The show features the guys in separate cubes as part of a large structure based on a multiverse concept. The members have to pass missions to get out as they are trapped within figurative time frames.

An online press conference was held on October 14 for the show. It was attended by the producing director (PD) Lee Young Jo and the members of NCT, Taeyong, Doyoung, Jeno, Chenle, Kun, Winwin, Sungchan, and Shotaro.

What The Show Is Serving The Fans

In the interview, PD Lee Young Jo explained that the "2.0" in the show's title stands for "2020." Lee Young Jo promised that the fans would see an upgraded side to the group through the show. The PD also mentioned that the cube format had been chosen to reflect despite being born in different places and times, the NCT members still have succeeded as a group.

According to the PD, the set was created in a way that could show all 23 members at the same time. He also said that NCT would be exhibiting their chemistry as they carry out all their missions together.

NCT member Kun encouraged everyone to follow the 23 of them doing missions together. And Taeyong revealed that they had made a lot of good memories while filming the show. "I'm happy that we can share those memories with fans," he said. Winwin expressed, "Please look forward to it a lot."

The Group's Strong Bond

According to the NCT members, what is something to look forward to for the show is their chemistry. Chenle then commented that he saw how skilled Doyoung is at sports. He continued revealing that Chenle is a gentle and kind person, but he's competitive and swift at running. "You should look forward to it." Doyoung then joked by saying, "That's Chenle's personal opinion."

Taeyong shared that he'd realized that Sungchan is similar to Jungwoo. "There wasn't a member who was energetic and upbeat like Jungwoo, but Sungchan had those traits," he explained. "Also, Doyoung and Chenle had chemistry, but they were both big risk-takers for the win." Doyoung said, "There were people who were doing commentary, but Chenle and I did our commentary. That was a lot of fun."

As the group wrapped up their interview, Doyoung revealed that he'd been worried about the show's outcome, but he noted that the PD and writer made sure to show the individual charms of all of the 23 members. 

NCT had just made a comeback with all 23 members this week through their album "RESONANCE Pt. 1." The second part of the album will be out in November.

The highly-anticipated NCT WORLD 2.0 will be premiering on October 15 at 7:50 p.m. KST.