Block B's Park Kyung is set to serve in the military this year.

On October 14, Wednesday, his managing label, KQ Entertainment, released an official statement confirming the news of Park Kyung's military enlistment this coming October 19, Monday.

The source from his label also claimed that he pushed back his military enlistment earlier this year; that is why he cannot delay it once more.

Some fans have expressed sadness over the news of him embarking on a new journey to serve his country. Still, most are sending him well wishes as he enlists in the military, promising to wait for him to come back into the K-pop scene.

The source concluded that the said enlistment place's time and location would be kept confidential and asked for the fans' consideration and understanding.

Park Kyung's Controversy

The postponement of his military enlistment was caused by a controversy that happened in November 2019.

In a now-deleted tweet of the K-pop idol, he mentioned that he wanted to do 'bulk buying of music' like other K-pop musicians do, citing artists like Vibe, Song Ha Ye, and Lim Jae Hyun, Jeon Sang Keun, Jang Deok Cheol, and Hwang In Wook.

'Sajaegi' or bulk buying of music is a crime in South Korea. Due to the reckless tweet he posted, he got sued by the artists he mentioned in his tweet and received a total of 5 million won fine.

Park Kyung's School Bullying

Meanwhile, Park Kyung got embroiled in a recent uproar as his one victim during their middle school days appeared to reveal the harassment he obtained from the K-pop idol.

Due to this revelation, other victims, including those who were negatively impacted by his actions, came forth to testify the first victim's claims and shared their version of the stories involving Park Kyung.

Park Kyung quickly escalated the situation and posted a personally written apology letter for the victims and expressed his most in-depth and sincere apologies for those hurt by his past reckless actions.