Producer and former 1TYM member, Teddy Park, gives his insights on BLACKPINK members in “BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky” Netflix documentary film.

In the first hour of the documentary film, BLACKPINK’s leading producer Teddy Park gets the chance to introduce each girl group member as they walked inside the studio booth. Teddy revealed that he has known each member in five to six years and when they were trainees. (Via Koreaboo)

With that said, Teddy Park was the perfect person to describe BLACKPINK’s characters in a few short words in the Netflix documentary film.

First up is Rose. Teddy Park stated that Rose would stay until six o’clock in the morning and is shocked when he sees her, still there, and working on a song.

Then, Teddy Park talked about Jisoo; the producer stated that she is the Unnie (eldest) of the group and has a professional poker face. The former 1TYM member added that he has known the BLACKPINK member for six years and only saw her cry once.

Teddy also praised Jisoo for being capable inside a classroom and tackling real-life challenges at the same time.

After that, Teddy talked about Lisa. He stated that Lisa has the ability to give positive energy to everyone and always has that “It’ll be okay, we’re all good smile.” “When it comes to certain moments, you know, when the music starts, when it’s crunch time, she has this executioner killer instinct,” the producer added.

Finally, the BLACKPINK producer had something to say about Jennie, which he said that she has a clear understanding of her intentions and emotions and has high regard for her skills and what she can put to the table.

In the later part of “BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky” film, Teddy Park revealed that when he was tasked to produced songs for the upcoming YG Entertainment girl group, there were about nine girls in the picture.

“Then we started cutting some songs, and sonically, whatever that sounded the best. The four girls right now, the combination. And of course, you start looking at their individuality, their character. The four of them just felt right.” - Teddy Park