Netflix documentary “BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky” debuted on October 14, and viewers can catch Rose sharing a clip of her most likely first solo song.

In the documentary, Rose can be seen recording a song for possibly her first single. In the clip, viewers can see the song’s production process with producer Joe “Vince” Rhee.

Rose shared in the documentary film that she has a lot of respect for music and does not want to be branded as the “girl who sings and writes music.”

Rose continued saying, “You know how when people say they are afraid of heights or they’re afraid of water? I have always been so afraid of getting in the studio or writing something.”

She shared that she thought that someday, she has to overcome her fear of writing a song.

According to Teddy, BLACKPINK’s main producer and former 1TYM member, Rose has a hard time recording a studio’s song. “When it comes to writing songs, Rose has certain stories in mind that she’s shy about sharing that story. It’s super personal to her, it’s like her diary.”

Rose shared that it is way harder to be by herself and record a song than to be vulnerable at the studio.

“I feel more intimidated by myself. When I’m in a room by myself, and I go, “Should I try and write something?” I think I’m way more intimidated then cause it’s just me. I don’t know if my opinions are right, and it scares me the most.” - Rose

Meanwhile, on the “BLACKPINK: Light Up The Light” Netflix film, Rose admitted that she finds Lisa intimidating when the two artists first met at an elevator in YG Entertainment. Rose stated that she was intimidated by everyone because “everyone was so good.”

However, Rose and Lisa get to know each other where they were trainees and started a strong bond with each other due to their strong similarities.

“Since we both came from another country, we relied on each other when we’re having a hard time. We became two peas in a pod,” said Lisa.