Good news for all the BLINKS! Netflix, on October 14, has finally unveiled the most-awaited documentary of BLACKPINK titled BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky!

The quartet's documentary on Netflix reveals the exclusive interview with the members. The said talk showcase their real innermost thoughts. Also, the documentary will be featuring various behind-the-scenes videos of the girls that are never seen before.

BLACKPINK's Documentary: What's Inside?

What is covered in the documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky includes the story of the four talented members of the K-pop idol girl group. It also follows the girls' growth process in becoming global stars loved by the world from their debut in 2016.

The top K-pop girl group BLACKPINK is making the world their play area just like what the song says, "BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA!" The viewers will see honest, exclusive interviews through the documentary that will reveal their innermost thoughts from the trainee years of Jisoo, Jenny, Rose, and Lisa.

Also, the process of how the girls who have spent their childhoods in different countries became inseparable teammates of BLACKPINK will be revealed in the documentary.

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The Grasping Scenes

The documentary, which includes several unreleased videos that have never been seen, draws keen interest to the fans. Video clips included are BLACKPINK's pre-debut and audition videos. Also in the documentary are vivid behind-the-scenes footage of the K-pop girl group being the first Kpop group featured on the Coachella Festival. The festival is the largest music festival in the U.S.

The Skilled Hands Behind The Documentary

Caroline Seo helmed the BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky. She is a Hollywood director who shed light on BLACKPINK with a fresh perspective. Director Caroline Seo has 20 years of experience in film, TV, and advertising work on Netflix, CNN Film, PBS, Sundance Channel, EPIX, A&E, History Channel.

Also, she is an independent documentary director and has recently emerged as Hollywood's biggest hitmaker with the series 'Salt, Acid, Fat, Heat' that has received great love from Netflix.

Only On Netflix

Moreover, the Netflix documentary will be filled with heart-melting true feelings of the girls and how they rose into global stars. BLACKPINK becomes the first K-pop group to have a documentary aired on Netflix, and the documentary is only available on the said popular platform.