Actor Im Siwan gets a second test for COVID-19 after living in an apartment building with a tenant who also tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Im Siwan’s agency, Plum Entertainment, shared a statement on October 13 that states that another tenant in the actor’s apartment building tested positive for COVID-19. Hence, the actor had to be tested as well. 

The agency added that Im Siwan and the said tenant did not have close contact with each other, but the actor was tested again for safety measures.

This news follows the previous report that a staff member on the set of the upcoming JTBC drama “Run On” had tested positive from COVID-19, which actors Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung were both casts.

JTBC immediately stated that the production has been halted and that all the actors and staff who were in the same space with the confirmed patient would be in quarantine.

Meanwhile, “Run On” also stars Girls Generation’s Sooyoung. Her agency, Saram Entertainment, also released a statement that the former idol and her staff were not in close contact with the confirmed COVID-19 patient and are not a target for investigation.

Sooyoung’s agency added that the actress is currently on quarantine for safety measures and will be keeping an eye on her and the situation. In the meantime, there are still no reports of when the drama “Run On” will start filming again.

In other news, Im Siwan graced the cover of Cosmopolitan Korea and talked about his transition from an idol to an actor. The former ZE:A member stated that he has no plans on letting go of his singing career in his life. 

It resonated with me that someone out there enjoys our music and sings along to it. It’d be a shame for me to deny that I was a singer because then I’d be denying the times I spent my 20s,” Im Siwan stated. 

The actor believes that applying those experiences and enjoying it in his acting career is advantageous to him. 

Moreover, Im Siwan revealed that he is working on a song for the OST of the upcoming drama “Run On.” However, it might unlikely never happened.