Golden Child takes first win for “Pump It Up” on SBS “The Show,” where the group performed their latest single.

On October 13, Golden Child was set to perform at SBS “The Show” and was also nominated for this week’s episode, along with WEi and WJSN CHOCOME. The award show announced the boy group as this week’s winner with a total score of 8,68, while WEi and WJSN CHOCOME had a total score of 7,793 and 4,668 votes, respectively.

After receiving the award, Golden Child expressed their thanks to their agency, Woolim Entertainment, by saying,

“We will do our best to repay you by showing you the best performance and song that we can. We hope to continue being in the future and that it will be full of good things.”

Besides that, Golden Child’s single “Pump It Up” has been on the iTunes Pop Single Chart in four countries as the song ranked 98, 126, 9, and 65 places in the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany, respectively. 

Also, the single entered the iTunes K-pop overseas top 10 in 15 regions, making it popular in other countries.

Other than that, Golden Child also dropped a special dance practice video for “Pump It Up” that changes all the lyrics into Korean for Hangul Day, resulting in a cute video. The Korean version of the single gives insight into the song where the Korean lyrics talk about their beating heart.

Moreover, fans can check out Golden Child’s all-out performance on SBS “The Show” as the group made some lyric alterations for the encore stage in celebration of fellow member Seungmin’s birthday.

Meanwhile, SBS “The Show” features other performances from other K-pop idols as well. Viewers can catch Youha’s “Island,” XUM’s “DDALALA,” Seven O’Clock’s “Hey There,” GHOST9’s “Think of Dawn,” Cignature’s “ARISONG,” DaHye’s “Poison,” WEi’s “Fuze” and “TWILIGHT,” on the show’s latest episode.