K-pop girl band GFRIEND officially announced the release date of their upcoming studio album, '回: Walpurgis Night,' to be on November 9!

The girl group announced the news through its official Weverse and fan cafe sites. Following their July's 'Song of Sirens' album and 'Time for us' in January, the girls are once again hitting the stage with a much-anticipated comeback album. 

GFRIEND's upcoming full-length album titled '回: Walpurgis Night' is their last part of the '回' series, which showcases the girls' growth and development as a band. (via Kpopstarz)

Meanwhile, GFRIEND is working continuously with Big Hit Super Producer Corps upon developing the full-length album. The band members also contribute to the process, enhancing and showcasing their growing interest and musical talents. 

Fans are excited to learn the news and are curious to know what kind of performance and genre GFRIEND will show off and accomplish this time. 

The full-length album '回: Walpurgis Night's pre-order availability is slated to be on October 19. Further details about the pre-order of the album will be posted through their official fan cafe.


GFRIEND gained mainstream success with the release of its third EP 'Snowflake.' 

The song gained numerous victory on different music shows with its opening track, 'Rough.' Following the momentum of success, they proceeded to drop their band's first full-length album, 'LOL' in July 2016. 

Moving on to the year 2017, the girl group dropped its fifth EP 'Parallel.' And in 2018, GFRIEND conducted their first concert, 'Season of GFRIEND,' proceeded with their first-ever Asia Tour. 

In 2018, GFRIEND released its sixth EP, Time for the Moon Night, and a special EP, Sunny Summer

GFRIEND is a South Korean girl group founded in 2015 by Source Music. The girl band features six members: Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji. 

The girls started their careers on January 15, 2015, with EP Season of GlassGFRIEND earned numerous female debut honors in 2015 and gathered prominence following its debut despite coming from a startup label.