Hao shocked both viewers and his dad, Gary, with his cleverness on the latest episode of the KBS reality show, The Return of Superman!

Gary worried that Hao was overeating chocolate during the October 11 broadcast of the KBS reality show, and decided to hide some around the house. Gary then told his son that if he finds any chocolate, he'll let Hao eat it.

The Search for Chocolate

With the words of his dad, Hao immediately began diligently searching for the hidden chocolate around their apartment. And to check whether there was any chocolate under the sofa, he even lay on the floor.

Their kitchen drawer of the apartment was even searched by Hao industriously. Hao told his dad that he found a traditional Korean herbal medicine wrapped in gold foil, which made Gary quite scared. The drug resembled the chocolates wrapped in shiny foil he'd been searching for.

Gary left his son alone in the living room for a few minutes after he rushed to the kitchen and convinced Hao not to eat the herbal medicine. The crafty Hao slipped inside the cameraman's tent as soon as his dad left the room and asked him politely, "Have you seen my chocolate?"

The Clever Hao

After the cameraman told Hao that he didn't know where the chocolate was located, Hao asked him if he could film everything. And for Hao to see where his dad had hidden the candy, he asked the cameraman to playback the footage he had shot earlier.

Hao then watched the footage after making the cameraman promise to keep it a secret from his dad. The footage revealed that his dad hid a chocolate candy inside the piggy bank while Hao looked on the other side.

After finding where the chocolate's location is, Hao then rushed over to the piggy bank and claimed his treasure. After Gary returned from leaving the room moments later, he was cluelessly surprised how his son found the chocolates.