Throughout all of the performances at BTS’s “Map Of The Soul ON: E” online concert, one stands out the most and has been on everyone's mind until now is Jimin’s “Filter” performance.

Although it was something ARMYs has been waiting on since the release of “Map of Soul: 7,” the fans were not prepared for the alluring dance number Jimin brought to the stage.

While changing from white, black, and red outfits throughout the performance, Jimin's performance that night swoon over to many fans' hearts as he takes the stage and delivered one unforgettable dance number from the group.

Fans quickly wrote on social media to share their thoughts about Jimin’s “Filter” performance with a fan talking about how androgynous is the “Filter” performance.

“Jimin walking up to the female mannequin, but instead of dancing with her like some cliche, he takes off the clothes and wears them as though he’s becoming her. He’s really the most anti-gender stereotype, and we love to see it.”

Meanwhile, another fan wrote, “what nobody noticed and the message behind “Filter” performance and metaphor is the mannequins don’t represent any gender, it represents how the industry works and idols always need to follow the fashion trends to keep a good image, that why he’s changing his outfits and using different accessories throughout the choreography.”

Jimin was trending with 22 keywords, six world trending words, eight U.S. words, and five South Korean words with “Jimins” keywords becoming a worldwide trend as soon as 30 minutes after the concert started.

The keyword was trending in other countries, such as the U.K., the U.S., the Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia.

In other related news, during day one of “Map Of The Soul ON: E,” Jimin broke out in tears due to not meeting the fans personally because of COVID-19. Fans immediately posted their support messages with the hashtag #WeLoveYouJimin that ranked number eight worldwide and number one in South Korea.

Moreover, Jimin was also trending on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website, after his performance of “Black Swan.” Jimin was the first BTS member to trend on the site and peaked at number 38.

Meanwhile, the idol will celebrate his birthday on October 13, 2020, and will be turning 26.