Things are getting more exciting in the SBS drama "Do You Like Brahms?" as it is heading towards its finale!

The romance drama "Do You Like Brahms?" is about the classical musicians torn between their dream and the harshness of reality as they continue their music love. Kim Min Jae stars as Park Joon Young, the world-renowned pianist, while Park Eun Bin stars as an aspiring violinist named Chae Song Ah, who enters the field later in life than her peers.

Park Joon Young began to change through Chae Song Ah. Before, he has always used to suppress his own emotions. Chae Song Ah filled up his empty heart, and he began to think about his feelings for the first time and want things for himself.

Rendering Music For Others

The reality continued to bring Park Joon Young down. Na Moon Sook (Ye Soo Jung), his father, who was always in debt, Na Moon Sook's granddaughter Lee Jung Kyung (Park Ji Hyun), and the head of the foundation that sponsored him were all part of the problem. Park Joon Young has been playing the piano for them and not for himself.

In the upcoming episode, Park Joon Young leaves the past behind him and will let out the emotions he had been holding back.

The Last Accompaniment

Lee Jung Kyung and Park Joon Young are sitting opposite each other in the new stills. As both are hesitant to speak first, the atmosphere remains quiet. As seen in the expression on his face, Park Joon Young is determined as he looks at Lee Jung Kyung. Out of the complex emotions like sympathy and sorriness, Park Joon Young had accompanied Lee Jung Kyung on the piano. But in this scene, he is about to tell Lee Jung Kyung, "Let's not see each other anymore." The last thing tying the two together is his piano accompaniment, but Park Joon Young will try to end the final connection between them due to a circumstance that has yet to be revealed.

What The Production Team Has To Say

Per the production team, Park Joon Young will finally express the emotions he had been holding back. They also encourage viewers to look forward to how Park Joon Young experiences a whirlwind of emotions and makes a firm decision for himself and Chae Song Ah. "Please pay lots of attention to Kim Min Jae's detailed portrayal of those emotions."

Do You Like Brahms? 's episode 13 will be airing on October 12 at 10 p.m. KST.