Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun's new stills released in SBS's Alice.

Alice tells the story of an emotionless detective, Park Jin Gyeom (played by Joo Won), who learned about time travelers' hidden secrets. As he was tracking down his mother's killer, he discovered a woman who looks the same as his dead mother, Yoon Tae Yi (played by Kim Hee Sun). He thought their meeting is a fateful reunion.

Shocking Occurences

The previous episode of Alice concluded on a surprising note. The scientist Suk Oh Won (portrayed by Choi Won Young), who knew the truth about the prophecy and the time travelers, kidnapped and vanished into thin air. Moreover, Park Jin Kyeom noticed the suspicious behavior of Go Hyung Suk (Kim Sang Ho), who seems to be a father to him. He discovered on the CCTV footage that Go Hyung Suk was in front of the motel where Lee See Hon (played by Park In Soo) died.

Yoo Tae Yi traveled to 2021 and came back to 2020 with a USB containing the CCTV footage, also had suspicions on Go Hyung Suk. She felt pressure on preventing Park Jin Gyeom's death as she discovered that he would die while chasing his mother's killer.

Park Jin Gyeom threw the USB with the CCTV footage and set aside his suspicions on Go Hyung Suk. He then headed to the location where Suk Oh Won was before he vanished. However, he was surprised and faced with an unknown threat there.

Park Sun Young and Go Hyung Suk's Face-Off

In another set of stills, Park Sun Young (also played by Kim Hee Sun as Park Jin Gyeom's mother) got to face with Go Hyung Suk outside the old home of Park Jin Gyeom that took place in the past, in the year 2010. At that moment, Go Hyung Suk was a police detective when Park Sun Young first met him due to his son's accusations of murdering his fellow high school student. Go Hyung Suk was currently the most likely suspect for Park Sun Young's murder, which added to the scene's tension.

The drama's production staff commented that episodes 11 and 12 would divulge the truth behind Go Hyung Suk's suspicious actions. The secrets he has been keeping in the wake of Park Sun Young's murder and their relationship, the viewers will discover.