The new movie Pawn starring Ha Ji Won and Sung Dong Il, kicked off on the big screens with a staggering record on the Korean box office!

The Korean Film Council on the morning of October 9 announced that Pawn, as of 9 a.m. KST, had officially surpassed 1 million moviegoers.

Soaring Viewership Despite Social Distancing Protocols

It can be noted that the Ha JI Won and Sung dong Il's movie Pawn, is the first film to reach the milestone released after September 1 to reach the milestone. Movies have been drawing smaller crowds over the past month due to Korea's reinstatement of stricter social distancing guidelines in mid-August. However, Pawn managed to achieve the number 1 spot at the box office on September 30 due to the positive word-of-mouth catapulted.

For nine consecutive days, the drama remained at No. 1.

The Grateful Cast

Pawn stars Sung Dong Il, Ha Ji Won, Kim Hee Won, and Park So Yi, in honor of the film breaching the 1 million mark, posed for celebratory photos. The cast on their photos made a hand-written note thanking the moviegoers for showing Pawn so much love.

On his posted photo, Sung Dong Il wrote his thanks to all the moviegoers who fully rigged themselves out with protective gear to go to the movie theater. "'Pawn' has Breached a total of 1 million moviegoers. I genuinely thank you."

Ha Ji Won similarly commented that she is sincerely thankful for all the 1 million moviegoers who gave their love to Pawn. "Please continue to show love for 'Pawn' in the future."

Meanwhile, Kim Hee Won expressed how thankful she is for the moviegoers who came to the movie theater in this challenging time, making it possible for their movie to reach 1 million.

Lastly, the child actress Park So Yi, with a hand-written note, shared, "Thanks to everyone who saw the movie, 'Pawn' has surpassed 1 million moviegoers. Thank you all so much."

Congratulations, the team that made Pawn worth watching!