BTS Jimin has been praised by different people for his amazing visuals and has been breaking records left and right for it. This time, the idol has broken another record in Tiktok as the first Korean celebrity to have 25 billion views.

BTS Jimin has become the most viewed celebrity on the social media platform Tiktok with over 25 billion views from the idols hashtags.

Moreover, Jimin-related hashtags such as #Jimin reached over 17.7 billion views, #parkjimin with 5.56 billion views, and #btsjimin with 1.9 billion views, which makes a sum of 25.2 billion in total.

Jimin’s Tiktok hashtags are a part of ARMYs involvement and support for the BTS member, even though the idol does not own a Tiktok account. Recently, an official fan-based account on Tiktok posted a short clip of Jimin dancing “Dynamite,” showing other group members busy sleeping.

Previously, Jimin was trending on Twitter for his performance of “Dynamite” on “America’s Got Talent” with the hashtag “TheGuyWithTheGreenJacket.”

Jimin, who appeared in a classic retro style by wearing a green Gucci jacket with bell-bottom jeans along with an all-back hairstyle, immediately became the center of attraction, charming everyone with his vocals and visuals during the close-up shot in the pre-chorus of the song.

In other related news, famous illustrator, Lee K., posted on his social media to share his newest creation of Jimin. The illustrator painted the BTS member’s visuals using oil on a vast canvass measuring 1200 x900 mm as a gift for the idol’s birthday.

Lee K. also used his favorite colors and captioned the post with; “congrats #jimtober” (Jimin+October), which is Jimin’s birthday month. The illustrator also shared the post in his InstaStories that features the various details of his current work.

Furthermore, Lee K. was last reported to have participated in the Benjamin Eck Gallery in Munich, Germany, with Jimin-inspired art pieces. Both the illustrator and Benjamin Eck Gallery’s shared the news regarding Jimin being featured in the illustrations by Lee K on their social media.