AOMG officially put up a teaser photo on October 7 featuring Loco on their official SNS account, announcing his upcoming comeback within the year, with the caption "Loco, SOME TIME 2020."

Loco is seen shading his eyes in the published picture as if guarding himself against the brightness he sees after such a long period. This can also reflect the impression of his comeback from the military service to celebrity status. (via Kpopstarz)

Loco The Rapper

Loco is an immensely successful rapper, singer, and songwriter officially managed by Jay Park's recording label, AOMG. He collaborates with musicians from AOMG, particularly with GRAY, SIMON DOMINIC, and JAY PARK themselves.

The rapper was the champion of the 2012 famous hip-hop survival television show, the first season of 'Show Me The Money.' He formed a VV: D (which consists of Crush, Zion. T, Elo, and GRAY) after winning Show Me the Money.

He has worked with several artists from Korea, namely CRUSH, HWASA, PUNCH, etc. 

Moreover, Loco formed a group named "Satgotbong" throughout his secondary school years, and up to date, he still produces tracks with them. 'OPPA' and 'PARTY BAND' are some of the tracks he released with his friends from high school.

The K-pop artist has many young people as his followers and target audience, who often looked upon him as their excellent role model, given his positive influence. 

Meanwhile, the term 'LOCO, SOME TIME' is embedded in the black-and-white picture, but the approximate launch date has still not been decided.

Mainly because no details besides the description 'SOME TIME' have been revealed, fans are excited by the announcement, sharing their warm reception for Loco's return. 

The rapper is making his way back after getting discharged from his military service operations and long hiatus from the limelight. (via Allkpop)

The same day as the official launching of his 'HELLO' in February 2019, Loco decided to enlist and was dismissed on August 12 this year. 

Further information about this comeback will soon be released on AOMG's SNS platforms.