Here are the behind-the-scenes footages of several celebrity cameos of KBS' Zombie Detective!

Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Min Kyung, And WEi's Kim Yo Han's Cameos

Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Min Kyung were the first celebrities who made their cameo in the drama and shot a movie poster together. With his surprisingly cute makeup as a jiangshi (vampire/zombie from Chinese folklore), Yoo Jae Suk cracked Kim Min Kyung up. Simultaneously, Kim Min Kyung impressed everyone on the set with her strength when she lifted her "co-star" with ease.

WEi's Kim Yo Han was the second cameo. In the video, he shot a BB cream commercial that would cover up a zombie's rotting skin and scars. He said that the product doesn't exist, so it was difficult to express what it does. "But I had a lot of fun on set."

Lee Seung Yoon, Hong Soon Mok, Kim Hye Sun, And Sam Hammington

The comedians, Lee Seung Yoon, Hong Soon Mok, and Kim Hye Sun, were the third cameo. The three played the zombies on the bus.

The Return of Superman stars Sam Hammington and his sons William and Bently were the next cameos. For the appearance, Sam Hammington learned how to become a butcher. Meanwhile, through gummies and playacting, Choi Jin Hyuk tried to get close with William and Bentley. However, with his zombie makeup, Bentley appeared a little frightened.

A.C.E: The Dancing Zombies

Zombie Detective's final cameo was from A.C.E... They played part-time workers who were dancing in the street playing like zombies. Choi Jin Hyuk then showed off some of his moves, and despite the actor's embarrassment, they reacted with admiration. The A.C.E members expressed their thanks and said they were honored to have their full group make a cameo in a KBS drama. Also, they were thankful that they were able to guest alongside such great actors.

Watch the star-studded video below!