Stellar's ex-member, Gayoung, made an appearance on the show's episode, Miss Back, a program intended to focus on celebrities who have not been actively engaged or successful for an extended period.

Gayoung told a heart-breaking tale as to how their controversial teaser pictures came to light. Not only did she speak on how terrible the erotic concepts are, but how it scarred her emotionally for good.

Along with her other group members, she turned up for the photo session and were provided skirts on the sides with enormously high slits and skintight bathing suit bottoms. Just a string around the edges keeps the swimsuit bottoms intact.

The Stellar members initially had seriously opposed the garments as they were too sexually explicit, as per Gayoung. Nevertheless, their CEO continued to insist on it. 

Undoubtedly, their managing label's CEO decided to let the Stellar members first check out the clothes and snapped several test shots. (via Koreaboo)

Moreover, the CEO offered to make them wear numerous outfits for the shoot, even if the members thought they were far too skimpy. Wearing the uncomfortable clothes leading to a lewd appearance, the members had no choice but to agree and eventually shot five videos.

Gayoung said that they considered trying it under the assumption that they wanted to show the employees and CEO how intense it might look. Eventually, the CEO complied with the perspectives of the members.

What scared Stellar is that the lewd photos were launched by the company in public for their song teaser concept photos, without asking for their views and permission.

The revelation contributed to Miss Back's outrage and surprise, with the CEO also being cursed by the program moderators, Baek Ji Young and Song Eun Yi. (via Kpopstarz)

While Gayoung finally escaped from the agency after seven years of mental anguish after her contractual deal ended, flashbacks of her tenure as a sexy idol still bother her terribly.

Fortunately, while going to college, she has been living a happy life operating her restaurant. Watch the full episode below: