On October 5, boy group MONSTA X revealed a poster teaser for their upcoming third full-length album called "Fatal Love." The black and red album cover feature Minhyuk, adding a mysterious vibe to the group's concept.

The photo teaser also has the group's members' names and the phrase "coming soon" labeled at the bottom, adding more anticipation to the album.

Through MONSTA X social media account, the group announced its return to the music industry during Joohoney's birthday. The K-pop group would be debuting the album on November 2, almost a month before Monbebes (MONSTA X fanbase) meet once again with the group.

MONSTA X fans also made a trend on Twitter to support the group with a hashtag #Fatal_Love and #MONSTAX as they are waiting for anticipation in their hearts.

Not much is revealed with MONSTA X's upcoming album "Fatal Love," but the Monbebes are excited to announce the album tracklist. Fans speculate that the title track could be the danger of love when one falls in love with someone who can destroy them somehow.

Monbebes hope that "Fatal Love" will break the records set by "FANTASIA" last May and win again with the upcoming single.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X recently made a comeback in May of this year with a mini-album titled "FANTASIA X" that features the title track "FANTASIA." Moreover, group member Joohoney will drop his new album called "Psyche" on October 9.

Joohoney also released concept photos for his upcoming album "PSYCHE" that featured eye-popping visuals and was shot in a deserted landmass with the sunset in the background, adding a magical atmosphere with his album photos.

Besides that, Joohoney released a tracklist for his mixtape that features seven songs such as "Intro: Ambition," "DIA," "SMOKY," "DARK & CLOUDY" featuring Boa Kim, "KING," "WINGSUIT" featuring TEM, and the titled track "PSYCHE."