The new family film "Collateral" wins the moviegoers' hearts during the Chuseok Holidays as it topped the box office throughout the memorable holiday!

The movie, which was released on September 29 delivered a heartfelt message about the concept of family with a prolific lineup of actors such as Sung Dong-il, Ha Ji-won, Kim Hee-won, and Park So-Yi. The movie "Collateral," as of October 5 has already garnered 821, 475 cumulative audience attendance since its premiere.

The figures were based on the Integrated Computer Network of the Film Promotion Committee records.

'Collateral' outshining competitors in the box office race

During the first day of the Chuseok holiday, which was on September 30, the movie garnered 97,712 ticket sales, which instantly outshined other films in terms of box office performance. Furthermore, on October 1, it recorded 146,643 audience entrance and mobilized a total of 177,390 moviegoers on the following day.

After that, it on the 3rd and 4th of October has amassed 183,314 and 145,643 audience attendance, respectively.

The movie also received great reviews from its viewers, aside from its laudable box office performance. "Collateral" garnered high ratings on significant sites. The CGV Egg Index recorded it at 97%, Megabox is 9.2, and Lotte Cinema is 8.9 at 7 am on October 5. The registered ratings are exceptionally higher than ordinary movies. The achievement speaks volumes of the high satisfaction from those who have watched it.

The Sentimental Story

Sung Dong Il, in the movie, plays a debt collector by profession named Doo Seok. He has an intimidating outward demeanor with a contrasting warm, and caring persona deep within. He was forced to take the debtor's daughter, Seung Yi, as a pawn while the mother looks for ways to pay her debts with his duty to collect a debt from an illegal immigrant.

The mother of Seung Yi was eventually deported, which leaves Doo Seok to take responsibility as the child's guardian. And together with his assistant, Jong-Bae (Kim Hee Won), they will be raising the little girl as their daughter.

Portraying the character of Seung Yi is the child actress Park So Yi and taking the grown-up role of Seung Yi is Ha Ji Won.

A Perfect Film To Watch With The Whole Family

Like the ordinary type of family, "Collateral" shows how an unconventional familial bond is founded on love and trust. It gives the viewers a perfect outlook on the concept of unconditional love.

Holidays such as Chuseok Festival and Lunar New Year are considered the most timely events when such heartwarming films are best to watch, and "Collateral" never fails to fill the gap between family members on a particular day. The movie gravitates to the viewers towards its heartening theme about family.

Finally, the movie has a unique blend of drama and comedy. From relationships that were unexpectedly built with strangers, collateral talks about the process of creating a new kind of family.