This year's Chuncheon International Film Festival will take place its opening ceremony at the Megabox Namchunchueon Theater. The splendid international film festival will allow viewers to attend through an online interaction on top of the agitating restrictions caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

According to Hellokpop, Wave, an online streaming channel, was chosen to broadcast the entirety of the film festival starting October 16 to conclude on October 22.

Theme: "Safe And Futuristic"

Because of the global pandemic due to COVID-19, massive gatherings were all canceled. However, Chuncheon still aims to carry on its ceremonies.

The film festival will showcase more firm and fully-pledged film-making processes while adapting to the "new normal." Furthermore, the forthcoming film festival will allow movie enthusiasts to enjoy and crisp the best feeling brought by watching a movie.

The 2020 Chuncheon International Film Festival's organizers formed three categories: invitation, competition, and special screenings. Moreover, the film festival bottles up 101 films and comprises 86 short films, 12 full films, and three medium films.

Observing the government's mandate for a safe and COVID-19 free event

To push through the event, the 2020 Chuncheon International Film Festival's organizing committee will observe a strict health protocol. As the organizing committee aims to ensure its event-goers and participants' safety, equipment machines like imaging cameras and sterilizers will be utilized upon entering the cinema.

For a safer registration process, movie-goers will no longer register in-person but through a QR code system instead. The new registration process will allow the participants to book in advance and choose the seat of their choice.

"You can get information on film festival tickets with a reservation for all seats by entering the screening schedule on the Chuncheon Film Festival website," staff from the film festival said.

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