The Korean government pushed forward with the awareness for the pop culture and arts industry to grow healthy by jointly preparing a plan to improve underage celebrities' rights and interests.

The plan, which is reported to the 119th Government Evaluation Committee, was necessary to protect the rights and interests of underage entertainers. And the others who are the foundation for the growth of the new K-culture wave.

Growing Number Of Underaged Individual Who Want To Work In The Industry

According to Allkpop, a growing number of underaged individuals was recorded who want to work in the pop culture and arts industry with the movie 'Parasite' winning the Oscars, BTS topping the Billboard charts, and Korean dramas topping the most-watched lists on Netflix.

And with the recent increase in K-culture popularity, the number is expected to increase. Still, there has been a rise in concerns over the young individuals being exposed to the industry's dark side. This includes fraudulent activity demanding money and valuables under the pretext of a debut or appearing on television.

The Office For Government Policy Coordination Networks

The "Improvement and protection of rights and interests for underaged minors and celebrities" under the shelter of the Government Policy Coordination Office is being prepared through consultations with related ministries. This includes the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Broadcasting and Communications Commission, along with private associations and organizations.

The said act was done for eradicating illegal activities by expanding information disclosure on entertainment agencies.

The consultations will also add information that aspiring celebrities can refer to the pop culture and arts information system. Which only discloses official information such as the registration number and the company name of the agency.

Also, to resolve the blind spots in the entertainment field, the government will be overhauling its registered agencies every year and be including entertainment institutes such as training school agencies.

Agencies And Fair Contracts

The government will be continuing to seek measures to crack down on unregistered agencies. This includes the introduction of special law enforcement police, by internalizing compliance with the employment restriction system for sex offenders and imposing fines on them.

Also, transparent and fair audition practices will be established in the entry and contract stages, and unfair contracts will be prevented by increasing standard agreements' utilization. The government will be strengthening the protection for minors by preparing legal contracts for broadcast appearances for these underaged celebrities. And increase actual utilization by reviewing and supplementing standard deals for other pop culture artists every three years.

Celebrity Promotions

The government will also build up the protection of underage celebrities during the debut and promotion stage, from violations of their right to rest, right to study, and illegal activities such as sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Furthermore, the government will also protect underaged celebrities from harsh labor such as overworking and night shooting for long periods. As declared by the "Popular Culture Industry Act," specific guidelines on protecting underage celebrities' right to rest and study will be prepared and applied accordingly.

Celebrity Counseling

Lastly, for celebrities who feel uncertainties about the future, stress from being exposed to social activities early in life, and concerns about giving up their debut, counseling will be extended. This is part of the government plans to set up guidelines for standard broadcasting production for major broadcasters to protect underage celebrities' rights and interests.

And for these measures to improve the protection rights and interests of underage celebrities without a hitch in the future, the government will be checking each ministry's detailed progress on the improvement plan on a semi-annual basis.