ARMYs know very well that BTS Jimin is from Busan, South Korea, where he had many childhood memories, especially in his Elementary days. However, after hearing the news that his previous school was shut down, the kind-hearted BTS member took the initiative to donate to the school's final graduating students.

Originally, Hoedong Elementary School in Busan, South Korea, was a popular choice for families in the region due to its location and academics. But in time, the said school has been lacking teachers that had to split the classes, and eventually, in 2018, the school was shut down.

Due to the expansions of corporations in the town, the surrounding residential areas had begun to decrease, which impacted several schools in Jimin's hometown.

A documentary revisited the BTS member's old school and found out that it haw now been converted into a Nutrition Education Center for Elementary Students. The saddest part is that the school playground was converted into a parking lot.

Upon hearing the news, Jimin decided to surprise the last graduating students by presenting each student with a signed copy of BTS albums and donating a fund that would cover all of the graduating students' middle school uniforms.

Jimin has been a hometown hero in Busan for always looking back to his roots and supporting his community. In return, Busan always put up banners to support the BTS member.

This is not the first time Jimin has been charitable in his career. He supports several schools in his hometown and has been reported to have donated 100 Million Won to the Busan Metropolitan City office of Education to promote educational development.

The donation Jimin offered to the city will be used towards students' welfare, including lunch money for students from low-income families and other necessary school items.

Besides that, BTS is also one of UNICEF representatives to promote its anti-violence campaign through the "BTS Love Myself Campaign" that ends violence against children and teenagers, hoping to make the world a better place through their music.

Recently, BTS reveals in "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" that they donated one million dollars to concert crews, who are out of jobs today due to the COVID-19 pandemic.