Here's a look at the behind-the-scenes of the tvN drama about young people who struggle for their dreams and their love, "Record of Youth!"

Drama Leads

Taking the role of an aspiring actor and model named Sa Hye Joon is Park Bo Gum, and his opposite, actress Park Bo Gum, stars as an aspiring makeup artist named Park So Dam. The drama features the story of the harsh realities of the modeling industry.

The Immersed Actors In A Fun Set

Park Bo Gum is rehearsing a scene with Lee Jae Won at the beginning of the video. The character plays the older brother of Sa Hye Joon. 

Lee Jae Won puts his hand to his ear when told to make a phone call to his realtor, and jokingly tries to order food for delivery. He tells Park Bo Gum that if he practices too much, he will only think of my ad-libs.

However, the two immediately immerse themselves in their roles no matter how many jokes the pair make, the moment the cameras start rolling.

The Grateful Seo Hyun Jin

Following the scene is Seo Hyun Jin introducing herself in the recent episode and speaks about her striking appearance as a senior actress. She then shares her thoughts on the drama saying that the atmosphere on-set was good, and she thinks it's a drama full of good energy and youthful characters.

Furthermore, she praises Park Bo Gum and the director, saying that everyone treated her well. Park Bo Gum noting that he was nervous since it was his first time acting with her, then speaks about his scene with Seo Hyun Jin, but he enjoyed the filming.

The Adorable Park Bo Gum And Park So Dam

Moreover, Park Bo Gum asks Seo Hyun Jin out on a date as they rehearse their memorable scene. Park Bo Gum turns to go through a pair of automatic sliding doors after being rejected, but the doors don't open. Eliciting laughter from the surrounding staff, he knocks politely on the doors. Later on, the director compliments Park Bo Gum on his brilliant idea.

Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam are filming a sweet scene as the making-of video wraps up in which they dance together in the rain. Park So Dam then expressed that she didn't prepare anything special for the scene, explaining that she's just planning on embracing the atmosphere together with Hye Joon.

Finally, after filming various takes in a grassy field running around and dancing, Park Bo Gum then comments that he wonders what he should do to best display Hye Joon's and Jung Ha's youth's beautiful moments. "It's difficult. I hope it will come out well!"

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video below: