SEVENTEEN's managing label Pledis Entertainment had publicly confirmed and verified the news that their boy band is bound to make their October 19 comeback with a special album, The Invitation For Youth '; [Semicolon].'

Pledis Entertainment, on October 5 at midnight, KST officially launched SEVENTEEN's comeback trailer clip, which caused fans' excitement and high expectations for their upcoming return in the K-pop scene.

SEVENTEEN's public social media profiles also had their headers and profile pictures changed, matching their album 'Semicolon.' (via Soompi) Fans are overly hyped about what's next and coming, with all the famous K-pop bands and artists debuting and returning this October.

The group's comeback sneak peek clip stirred the fans and people's interests by captivating them with vibrant visuals at the beginning of the clip.

The clip shows members being featured one by one, sporting old but classy suits and fedora, which poked the spectator's curiosity and interest. With their captivating and mesmerizing concept trailer, the SEVENTEEN members are seen toasting their glasses of beers and genuinely enjoying the time with a mix of a retro vibe. (via Kpopstarz)

This proved that the boys are stepping up to show their grown upsides, making the spectators hang for more. In the video, words like 'Work Hard,' 'Play Hard' and 'Rest Hard' are presented and successfully portrayed by the boys.

The group's last release, 'Heng:garae,' managed to gain a million sales, with the track persisting to Japanese weekly album chart for four consecutive weeks. The achievement just set SEVENTEEN to a much-more awaited comeback, and fans are waiting to see if they can beat or obtain previous records.

Check out the whole trailer below!


SEVENTEEN is famous for becoming extremely social in the artistic phase of its success and is also known as a "self-producing" idol band. Its members are very skilled in music composition, choreography, and more.

For their first full-length studio album, "Love & Letter," SEVENTEEN finally entered the mass market in 2016. The record's opening track, "Pretty U," earned its first-ever victory for the party.