'The Album' is BLACKPINK's first Korean-language album that was launched on October 2, through their record label YG Entertainment and Interscope.

The recently dropped album was the girl band's latest release following their 'Kill This Love' track back in 2019. BLACKPINK's first full-length album has over eight tracks, developed by multiple producers, namely Teddy, Tommy Brown, R. Tee, Mr. Franks, and 24.

The girls took advantage of the pandemic quarantine life to reflect on their life careers and blessings and finally write songs, truly showing off a more sophisticated side of them to their fans and the public. 'The Album' aims to show BLACKPINK's maturity and love. (via Kpopstarz)

'The Album' features song collaborations with western artists, including American singer Selena Gomez and Cardi B. Followed by their three top 40 Billboard Hits 'How You Like That,' 'ICE REAM, and 'Lovesick Girls.'

The latest music video track of 'Lovesick Girls' gained tremendous popularity from South Korean fans and International fans, as it portrays a different side of the girls - leaving behind their "sugar, spice and everything nice" concept.

'Lovesick Girls' successfully dominated the iTunes charts with over 57 countries, including the United States, full of other talented, famous artists. It also managed to sweep iTunes song charts in the European region, including Spain, France, Sweden, Greece, Poland, Portugal, and Norway. To the North and South American regions. (via Zapzee)

'Lovesick Girls' also secured a top spot in Asia, specifically in Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. But most dominantly in Japan and China, blinks helped the girls sweep not only the iTunes chart but also local music sites.

Amusingly, their latest music track has taped 60 million views and clicks with just 24 hours after YG Entertainment released it.

The girl band's YouTube subscribers have grown significantly with over 700,000 more added followers in a day, and up to date positively increasing to reach 50 more million people.