In the premiere of “Lovesick Girls,” BLINKs took to Twitter to share their praises to their beloved girl group and congratulate them for a job well done.

Yesterday, October 2, was the premiere of BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” MV, and BLINKs could not be happier with the outcome. On October 2, 2020, the girl group trended on various social media platforms, and BLACKPINK’s fans cherished the moment they have been waiting for.

BLACKPINK may not be trending on Twitter today, but the love for “Lovesick Girls” is still present among BLINKs.

BLINKs posted and wrote on Twitter all kinds of congratulatory messages for BLACKPINK. One fan said that “Lovesick Girls” sounds like it will be the “Song of the Year,” while another fan said that the girl group made a massive effort in the lyrics and the visuals for both the song and MV.

Some BLINKs commented on Jisoo’s performance on the music video, referring to the scene where the BLACKPINK member was soaked in the rain but still maintained great visuals.

Additionally, many fans commented about the rap skills Jennie brought to the table for “Lovesick Girls,” with a fan quoting her lyrics saying, “Didn’t wanna be a princess, I’m priceless” she’s calling out all y’all who call her YG’s princess.”

Meanwhile, Jennie and Jisoo were partly responsible for writing “Lovesick Girls,” with Jennie also credited for contributing to the song’s production.

A BLINK stated on Twitter, “It’s kinda sad that others are forcing people to believe that she’s YG’s princess. Jennie is the main rapper, a producer, songwriter, and composer.”

In the meantime, “Lovesick Girls” now has 60 million views on Youtube today. Moreover, the girl group is also the second most-subscribed artist on Youtube, behind Justin Bieber.

Now, BLACKPINK fans can enjoy other tracks from “The Album,” such as “Pretty Savage,” “Crazy Over You,” “You Never Know,” “Love To Hate Me,” and the single with Cardi B, “Bet You Wanna.”