BTS' Jimin has again proved that he is the "trending emperor" as his impact and influence make waves on social media!

Jimin surprised his fever-pitched fans with two tweets that lead him to take over South Korea's top 10 trend and several other countries trend while the ARMYs are busy counting for minutes as they welcome the birth month of Park Jimin. The fans were about to launch a trending topic on twitter for their beloved BTS lead vocalist and leading dancer using #HelloJimtober.

Jimin, in his recent tweets, explained that he was late because he was not feeling well before he proceeds to expressed his gratitude for another #1 in Billboard Hot 100. He said his wishes to everyone to enjoy Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving Day)with their family and ensure everyone feels well.

The superstar ended his tweet with a clip of him and Jungkook along with his very own unique hashtag #우리아미상받았네 (Our Armys Received An Award). Jimin has notably been using the hashtag for years to express his gratitude after every win.

Since midnight in South Korea, The keyword #HelloJimtober has been trending since midnight along with #짐토버가_시작된거_가타여 (Jimtober has started).

Furthermore, in just an hour, keywords #지민아_26번째_생일을_축하해 (Jimin-ah happy 26th birthday) and #지민이_온_날부터_세상은_빛나 (the world shine since the day Jiminie was born) also were seen to trend.

Finally, Jimin he added two more keywords which are 우리 지민 (Our Jimin) and 지민이두 (Jiminie too) shortly after the tweet. And as of this writing, Jimin was seen to take over the top 10 trends in South Korea, and aside from the country, Jimin also trended several keywords in other countries.