W Korea had Lee Do Hyun for October’s magazine issue and talked about his history goals and more.

In the interview, Lee Do Hyun shared the memorable things from his previous directors and writers. This brings a memory from the time that he was told his smile is charming. Before that, Lee Do Hyun does not have the confidence to smile, but he gained some confidence after that.

Lee Do Hyun used the advice given to him and used it as a weapon for his film “Hotel Del Luna.” He was greatly encouraged by the people who love his smile.

He also talked about “Ask Us Anything,” where he used to play basketball. In his high school days, Lee Do Hyun spent most of his time doing sports.

He was the point guard on the team. Unfortunately, his father did not want him to pursue sports, but Lee Do Hyun would have continued playing sports if he did.

Lee Do Hyun’s father was a baseball player when he was young. Both of them spent a lot of time playing sports together when he was still a kid. His father was against him in playing sports because he knew how difficult it will be.

Talking about being a celebrity, it was not something Lee Do Hyun had a definite idea about. He was not also into studying.

When he was still studying, her mother sent him to a dormitory where students studied and rested. Her mother brought an electronic organizer for him to use as an English dictionary, but Lee Do Hyun used it to watch “Sunflower” over and over again.

Lee Do Hyun did not feel intimidated being with other people in the acting academy. He was vain, and he had thought that he is a good looking man and good at acting. He even went to an admission exam with a lot of confidence and failed all the exams.

It came to his senses that he would retake the exam with humbleness. Lee Do Hyun ended up being in the drama department at Chung-Ang University.

His experience towards exams changed his attitude both his life and his acting life. Lee Do Hyun works at whatever task given to him. (Via Soompi)