The upcoming drama “Private Lives” released a new highlight video.

“Private Lives” is a story of con artists using their techniques to unveil the nation’s major private lives. It takes place in the modern age where people share, fabricate, and steal their private lives.

The highlight shows Cha Ju Eun’s life as a con artist. Since she was little, she joined her mother, Kim Mi-Sook, and father Cha Hyun Tae on scamming other people. Her mother, Kim Mi-Sook, told Cha Ju Eun that what they are doing is not fraud, it is a documentary, and she is not an extra; she is the stuntman.

With that, Kim Mi Sook pushed her daughter into a van, and Cha Ja Eun fell on the floor with a loud thud. Her mother acted that she was shocked and panicking to let the driver pay them. On top of that, Cha Hyun Tae went to a church and acted as the pastor. Eventually, her father gets caught by the police.

Despite facing those harsh lessons in life, Cha Ju Eun grows up being a con artist herself. One day, she fatefully met Lee Jung Hwan, described as “the man with unknowable identity.” He did not go for the cheesy lines. Instead, he straightforwardly asked Cha Ju Eun for five minutes of her time. Cha Ju Eun was doubtful about what Lee Jung Hwan will be doing but he promised to make Cha Ju Eun laugh in five minutes.

At the end of the day, the two run into each other several times, and it seems that Lee Jung Hwan was intentionally following Cha Ju Eun. However, despite being “hard to get,” Cha Ju Eun then gives Lee Jung Hwan a chance, and the two started dating. Being a con artist, their disguise continues, and the viewers will find it interesting how Lee Jung Hyun and Cha Ju Eun’s relationship will develop. (Via Soompi)