Girls' Generation's Seohyun recently disclosed a behavior she has upheld in her lengthy, incredible career of more than ten years!

Actress Kim Ho Jin and Seohyun endearingly graced the 1st Look magazine pages by having their pictures taken by the team. As part of the publicity for their forthcoming series, Private Lives, they even seized the opportunity to question one another.

One of the things Kim Hyo Jin asked, labeling Seohyun, the "queen of self-management was, "Does she even have any routines she's been struggling to maintain since her 2007 debut in the K-pop scene?"

To this, Seohyun responded that she has been trying her hardest to consume well since she was a trainee, while still keeping a balance of self-indulgence. She further added the food she had been eating less lately, like instant food.

Seohyun revealed that she would consume food like that occasionally as this may take a significant toll on everyone's health when always eaten. Seohyun concluded that instant food must be eaten with moderation. (via Koreaboo)

Meanwhile, Kim Hyo Jin moved on to another question and asked Seohyun about the specific instant foods she had always been craving for, and Seohyun responded fast. She mentioned ramyeon, pizza, and fried chicken.

Hilariously laughing at Seohyun's reaction, Kim Hyo Jin praised the Girls' Generation member for her remarkable discipline and self-management. "Seohyun wouldn't even consume a lot while filming. She always has great self-control and tight self-management. I guess this is why you're so stunning and beautiful."

Watch the exclusive video by 1st Look below!


In the present period in which people trade, rob, and create their personal affairs, JTBC 's forthcoming Wednesday-Thursday series Private Lives begins. It is about fraudsters rallying all their tactics to expose the country's critical "private life."

The latest posters illustrate the "alternative personalities" and "main characters" of some of the individuals at the heart of the narrative, in a concept that is ideal for a series featuring scam artists. The significant gaps in their alter egos and their true self are outlined.

Check out the official trailer below! (via Soompi)