The upcoming drama “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” unveils an exciting character map.

In the drama, Nam Ji Ah and Yi Yeon will be having an exciting pursuit relationship where they will be in a chase, respectively. Meanwhile, the half-brother of Yi Yeon, Yi Rang, who is also a gumiho but with a dangerous aura, will be having a cold and tense sibling relationship with Yi Yeon.

Furthermore, the characters who are not human but live in the city, same as Yi Yeon and Yi Rang’s allies, appear on the character chart. Gumiho Goo Shin Joo, played by Hwan Hee, is a loyal subject of Yi Yeon since he has been the guardian of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range.

Goo Shin Joo is working as a veterinarian while disguised as a human. He will help support Yi Yeon as he is getting chased down by Nam Ji Ah. Yi Rang has the loyalty of Ki Yoo Ri, played by Kim Yong Ji. He is a gumiho that originated from a Russian fox. Kim Yoo Ri is transformed into a director of the Moz department store. He is also exuding a luxurious life.

Tal Eui Pa, played by Kim Jung Nan, and Ahn Gil Kang as Hyun Eui Ong are minor government employees. They are working at the Underworld Immigration Office with Yi Yeon for almost 600 years.

Both of them will showcase some great chemistry as superiors of Yi Yeon and scold him if needed and co-workers who can share their inner feelings.

Kim Soo Jin will play the character of Bok Hye Ja, the “snail bride,” from a traditional Korean fable. She runs a Korean restaurant while delivering information about the spirits and monsters.

The people connected to Nam Ji Ah are her parents, who have been missing after a tragic accident that occurred 21 years ago. The people from the broadcasting station are working on a show about urban myths that Nam Ji Ah is directing.

The team leader is Choi, played by Joo Suk Tae, who is a rumored successful producing director. The team also includes the scriptwriter Jung Yi Seo as Kim Sae Rom and assistant director Pyo Jae Hwan, played by Kim Kang Min.

The character chart was produced so that viewers can easily approach the novel universe where humans and myth coexist.

Yi Yeon, Yi Rang, and Nam Ji Ah will be entangled with characters from the underworld. This world will create a unique fantasy romance with action. (Via Soompi)