Here are the three exciting posters of the upcoming film “Collectors,” starring Shin Hye Sun and Lee Je Hoon!

The Cast

“Collectors,” per Soompi, will be a crime/heist film following the thrilling story of the genius grave robber Kang Dong Goo (Lee Je Hoon) as he digs up relics hidden beneath the ground with experts from the entire nation. Aside from Lee Je Hoon, the team cast includes Jo Woo Jin taking the role of Professor Johns. And Shin Hye Sun plays an expert in excavating murals in ancient tombs, Chief Yoon (Shin Hye Sun).

Also, completing the team is Im Won Hee taking the role of an elite curator in the ancient art world, and Im Won Hee playing as Sapdari, an expert with a shovel. These grave robbers will be digging beneath the gilt bronze statue at Hwangnyong Temple, the ancient tomb mural of Goguryeo tombs. And even the heart of Gangnam, Seoul, without hesitation.

The Old Relics Hunters

The newly released posters reflect the unique topic of the film and the refreshing chemistry of the team. The film’s title in the first poster is used to paint the tunnels in the ground with the grave robbers on the hunt for old relics. Featured in the unique poster are the dynamic poses of the characters in their search and the title wittily portrayed to resemble a maze-like structure.

Furthermore, the second poster follows the style of an ancient tomb mural. The main characters appear with various equipment such as a shovel, drill, lantern, and more in addition to relics such as the gilt bronze Buddhist statue and white porcelain vase. The two posters reveal the flashy techniques the characters will be using, adding another exciting point to look out for in the upcoming film.

Finally, Lee Je Hoon, Jo Woo Jin, Shin Hye Sun, and Im Won Hee are shown in the last poster as if they’ve been spotted during a tomb robbery. The line, “The grave robbers who do business by digging the ground, are returning!” gives the viewers more anticipation and curiosity for the film.

Director Park Jung Bae will be helming the film, making his directing debut after working as an assistant on “Miss Granny” and “Silenced.”

“Collectors” is slated to hit the big screens in November.