The newly introduced sub-unit of WJSN, CHOCOME that comprises of members Luda, Soobin, Yeoreum, and Dayoung, is in full fuel for its grand debut next month. The unit has been making their fans go crazy and wild over their teaser releases in the form of concept photos. Meanwhile, CHOCOME had kicked its album’s official countdown when the unit released colorful concept photos.

On September 26 (Saturday), the K-pop unit has unveiled another series of images that show off all four girls striking an identical pose in a very sugary location. Specifically, the unit is gripping to a vast, colorful lollipop while donning gorgeous and illuminating pink tutu dresses with candy designs on it, Hellokpop reported.

The head-turner of the most is the enormous ice cream cone and doughnut resting behind the girls’ back. Having that said, the newly released concept photos tell of the album’s theme that is full of revitalizing vibes and auras.

As HMPH! Will be unveiled, CHOCOME will share mesmerizing performances that exude their energetic attitudes and more uplifting and dynamic charm. For the time being, the fans’ expectations and anticipation areas its highest level, considering that CHOCOME hails from a girl group known for its right stage presence.

The single album will also give prominence to its second song on its setlist called Ya Ya Ya, which is a reimagined version of a track by K-pop girl group Baby V.O.X.

WJNS’s CHOCOME will further entice and mystify its fans as the group will reveal more content before releasing its single album HMPH! The unit is set to drop more concept images and a video tease that will excite the stage for its comeback. A music video teaser will also be made known by the unit, alongside an album preview.

HMPH! Will be made available by WJSN’s first-ever sub-unit CHOCOME this coming October 7.