Aside from the fast-approaching Weki Meki's October return, Doyeon's past comment about a vegetarian restaurant has resurfaced, causing internet argument.

One netizen posted an image of what Doyeon said on media platforms during their discussion in an online community. "A vegan cafe? Ew, I hate those." Then the web user questioned neighboring netizens regarding their perspectives about the response from Doyeon. (via Koreaboo)

And several of all those who read the post said that Doyeon is free to share her personal views. Some netizens were absurd to this issue and claimed everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

On the other side, other social media users argued that it was just a contentious comment equivalent to the controversial disdain of Don Spike for cats.

Meanwhile, with their mini-album, 'NEW RULES,' Weki Meki is scheduled to mark a return this October!


In September 2019, Kim Do Yeon of Weki Meki had confirmed that she was suffering from fainting spells when Weki Meki's Choi Yoo Jung and Kim Do Yeon appeared as celebrity guests on Mnet's 'TMI News' episode.

Choi Yoo Jung shared her joints are not good, leading to unbearable pain, and when it gets worse, she gets pain reliever shots straight to her joints. The revelations shocked the TMI News hosts and panel.

Then Kim Do Yeon said, "I'm suffering from vasovagal syncope at the moment. I have to sit back whenever the symptoms spike up, and if I continue to stand, I will lose consciousness. When I am on an extreme diet, the symptoms continue to worsen." (via Allkpop)

A rapid decrease in blood pressure and heart rate corresponds to fainting is vasovagal syncope, and is frequently prompted by a stressful trigger.

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