GOT7's Jinyoung just got an offer to star in the upcoming romantic youth movie 'Hello, My Soulmate!'

According to a JYP Entertainment representative on June 29, KST, a role in the Min Yong Geun-directed film 'Hello, My Soulmate' was recommended to Jinyoung, and he is now in the discussion phase of joining the cast. (Via Soompi)

The idol-actor recently starred in the 2020 drama 'When My Love Blooms', and the offer for him to do the movie role only means that he is doing good as an actor and has great potential.

The Main Casts

According to media outlet reports, on June 10, Kim Da Mi and Jeon So Nee have been confirmed to star as the main leads of the movie.

Kim Da Mi recently starred in the JTBS drama 'Itaewon Class,' where she received praise for her execution. However, she is more known for starring in the blockbuster film 'The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion for which she won several awards for her outstanding performance.

Joining her is Jeon So Nee, the female lead in the recent 2020 drama 'When My Love Blooms,' where she portrays the young Yoon Ji Soo. She starred as Jinyoung's love interest in the show.

Jinyoung and Jeon So Nee will reunite for 'Hello, My Soulmate' once Jinyoung accepts the offer, which is good news for the fans of their tandem in the previous drama.

The Movie Plot

'Hello, My Soulmate' is a remake of the 2016 Chinese movie 'Soul Mate.'

This film is about two women who have been best friends since they were thirteen. Though both have different personalities, they inevitably get along very well.

One is bookish and conservative, who focuses on her studies to have stability in the future. The other one is free-spirited, who even gave up on her academics and chose to study in a vocational school. She soon stumbled upon a rock band and also did some bartending along with their gigs and shows.

Though opposite from each other, the two are very close to the point where they even snuggle together in bed, do each others' makeup, and promised to be friends forever.

Conflict arose when a handsome man came to their lives, and they both fell in love with him, putting their friendship to the test. (Via Kdrama Stars)

'Hello, My Soulmate' will start filming in August once Jinyoung accepts the offer. Further details have not been disclosed in the meantime.