tvN has finally released the initial teaser for the highly-anticipated second season of 'Forest of Secrets' on June 28.

The teaser begins inside of a car as it navigates its way through the fog on a night. Amidst the eerie music, the text that reads "Those who want silence" and "Everyone is an accomplice" adds to the foreboding atmosphere. The teaser ends as the car slowly approaches a sign on the road. (Via Soompi)

A Quick Background

Secret Forest, also known as Stranger, is a South Korean crime-thriller drama television series that aired in 2017. The series stars Cho Seung Woo and Bae Doona as a prosecutor and police lieutenant detectives, teaming up to solve a mysterious murder case and uncovers a larger corruption scheme within the government on the way.

The first season of the series focused on Hwang Si Mok. He is a prosecutor who has hypersensitivity to specific frequencies due to an overdeveloped brain.

After undergoing corrective surgery, he has since lost his sense of empathy and lack of social skills. While investigating a serial murder case, he meets police lieutenant Han Yeo Jin, a passionate and warm-hearted female detective, who assists him in solving it.

The Incoming Second Season

Cho Seung Woo and Bae Doona are confirmed to reprise their role during the first season, while new casts will be joining them for the second season, including Choi Moo Sung and Jeon Hye Jin.

This time around, the plot continues as the prosecutor's office and the police find themselves on opposing sides.

The prosecutors, including elite prosecutor Woo Tae-Ha (Choi Moo Sung), want discretionary power over investigations. Meanwhile, the police, including Choi Bit (Jeon Hye Ji), try to get the complete investigative authority independent of the prosecutor's office.

Under this tense situation, Prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok (Cho Seung-Woo) and Detective Han Yeo-Jin (Bae Doona) chase after the truth in a hidden case. (Via Asianwiki)

'Forest of Secrets' Season 2 is set to air on August 15, 2020. Check out the chilling trailer here!