On September 27, via the global streaming portal LiveXLive, Wonho performed his debut solo show named, WONHO SPECIAL LIVE #IWONHOYOU.

With a comfortable and welcoming presentation of his melodious song, 'I just,' the artist presented the show.

Wonho confesses before putting the action in motion, "I am very nervous and so excited that I literally can not think about anything at all. I've planned loads of enjoyable stages, so I hope you all enjoy the performance."

For his productive solo debut, Wonho conveyed appreciation. He said, "In the past two weeks, I've had an unforgettable time." (via Hankook Ilbo)

Next, he interacted with supporters and addressed concerns focused on different phrases such as interests, Wonho's day, etc. during a fascinating, engaging segment labeled "W-Log."

Wonho revealed a piece of fascinating news to his fans as he went down in details of launching a new personal channel after his concert is wrapped up. The channel would be all about his daily life routines, mukbang, and cooking shows.

The artist concluded his revelation by claiming he wanted to show his fans a different side of him, aside from being a successful musician under the spotlight.

Wonho 'fried' up a whole storm after the gig when he revealed a VCR named "Cooking King Wonho's Home Restaurant." In his truthfulness, he also enthralled viewers as he addressed concerns that he got from global audiences.

The musician won many hearts after one of the questions when he announced that Wenee was his paradise. Wonho clarified that he doesn't frequently see the stars, but he likes to keep staring at it when he does. In the engaging performance, Wonho has proven his professionalism as an all-rounded musician. (via Hellokpop)

The artist made audiences gush for his classy edition of Justin Bieber's "INTENTIONS" among all the virtual concerts' performances. "He also charmed his supporters soothingly with a version of" I LOVE YOU "by Billie Eilish.

In comparison, when he debuted a flawless presentation of "Interlude: Runway," the singer was the living embodiment of allure. He also announced a captivating phase of the English version of Open Mind, his album's opening track. From there, Wonho moved further to present his "Losing You" and "Lost In Paradise" encore tracks.

The artist expressed his appreciation for all of his fans who attended the live virtual concert.

Despite the pandemic's challenges and the difficulty of seeing his fans in person, they chose to be with him on his special day as a solo artist. He added how he prepared for the whole concert flow to repay his fans' undying love and support fully.

Wonho's next release may also contain a fresh "Flash" track that he debuted at the show. The gorgeous song illustrated the flawless falsettos and stimulating vocals of the artist and his fantastic rapping talents.

According to Allkpop, Wonho is also planning to return within the year, Highline Entertainment confirms. At the moment of writing, more specifics of the return remain underneath the covers.