In the episode of MBC’s “How Do You Play?” on September 26, the upcoming girl group Refund Expedition did their first work event together and decided on the title of their debut track.

In the previous episode of ‘How Do You Play?’, the Refund Expedition members talked about their variety show experiences. After the “girls talk,” the members then met their new managers and became disappointed after hearing that “Ji Sub” was not So Ji Sub but Kim Ji Sub.

Jimmy Yoo (Yoo Jae Suk), in the new episode, told the group that he had managed to secure their first work event, which is about filming a TV spot for the Chuseok holidays. Chun Ok (Lee Hyori) shared that they don’t have a song, and they haven’t done anything yet. “So, why are we doing work events already?” Reassuring the others, Jimmy Yoo said, “This is just a conversation. I’m not getting scolded.” Man Ok (Uhm Jung Hwa) told Jimmy Yoo that he typically ask before setting up a work event, but he does things on his own.

Yoo Jae Suk, to get closer, also arranged a profile photoshoot with the managers.

The members then dressed in hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) for the TV spot. Jimmy Yoo nagged that he worked hard to set up the event through talks with the PD. “This is your first work event, so make sure to greet people properly.”

The Refund Expedition met with Jimmy Yoo several days later and producer Rado in the studio to pick a title track. Eun Bi (Jessi) said that Jimmy Yoo has a lot of respect for music. His ear isn’t bad. But the track is not that good.”

Furthermore, the members listened to a song called “Don’t Touch Me,” then Man Ok said that she likes the music and that she got goosebumps three times. Chun Ok agreed to say that the track is excellent.

Eun Bi agreed with Man Ok and Chun Ok, saying that the music is better than she expected, and it is good. Sil Bi (Hwasa) then shared that she wasn’t sure at first, but after it ended, she felt like it had all the factors to attract the public. The members then added that it’s annoying. Annoying in the sense that they can’t do anything but compliment it.

“Don’t Touch Me,” through a vote, was unanimously decided upon as the group’s debut title track. Rado then said that he thought about the four members and came up with the song in about two hours. He shared that it wasn’t easy, especially for Jung Hwa’s part. He revealed that he found her character hard to read because she looks strong on the outside, but she has a tender heart.