Kim So Eun reminisced about the time when she was working with the late actress Jeon Mi-seon in the media conference of the upcoming film "Are You in Love."

On Tuesday, March 17, the forthcoming film's press conference was graced by the cast members Kim So Eun, Sung Hoon, Kim So Hye, Lee Pan Do, and director Kim Jung Kwon.

"Are You in Love" is a fantasy romance movie that tells the story of two completely opposite people wherein their lives began to shift like magic after discovering a book that tells the answers to love. This was filmed a couple of years ago and as the cast looked back on their experience in working on the said project, Kim So Eun became emotional while discussing her experience working with the late star Jeon Mi-seon, who happens to be portraying as her mother in the film but she passed away in June of 2019.

Kim So Eun shared that she and Jeon Mi-seon had the perfect chemistry on set. She just found it so easy and light to fall into the role of Jeon Mi-seon's beloved daughter, and they were both able to film their scene comfortably. Then, she added that the most unforgettable scene for her was when she was washing her feet.

Upon discovering what had happened to Jeon Mi-seon, Kim So Eun felt so sad for quite some time and up until now, she still feels sad about what happened to her beloved on-screen mother.

Jeon Mi-seon was born on December 7, 1970 and passed away on June 29, 2019. She was best known as a supporting actress in films and television series, such as Memories of Murder (2003), Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), and Hide and Seek (2013). Jeon Mi-seon was also part of the drama "Love Is a Crazy Thing" (2005) playing the lead role.

Sadly, the well-known South Korean actress was found dead around midday local time, hanging at a hotel located in Jeonju, and in what the authorities have investigated and described as likely a suicide. She was only 48. The manager of the actress raised an alarm when Jeon Mi-seon was missing for two days, and also reported that she has been suffering from severe depression.

The Jeonju police confirmed the death of Jeon Mi-seon and confirmed that she had been checked in at the said hotel for two consecutive days. They also said that there was no forced entry at the hotel room and added that there was no suicide note found.

The actress' agency Boas Entertainment released a statement stating that Jeon Mi-seon had been receiving some therapies and treatments for her illness. The company also expressed their sadness over the news of her passing.

It seems like the actress has been greatly depressed as she lost a family member while her mother has been ill in bed, the police reported.

"Are You In Love" is scheduled to premiere on March 25.