"NCT 2020: RESONANCE" geared up to be this year's most exciting comeback!

While NCT's separate units made their devoted fans in awe, citizens were anticipating that there is something big in the works for the group coming up as with lots of astonishing comebacks and hilarious V LIVEs since the beginning of the year 2020. Teasers and even rumors have spread.

Here are the eight reasons in the exciting comeback of "NCT 2020: RESONANCE":

  1. New And Fresher Group Members

On September 23, the group officially introduced its two new members during the group's V LIVE broadcast. It might be the most surprising news for this comeback. The two new members are Sungchan, a '01 liner from Korean, and Shotaro is the group's Japanese member after Yuta. Fans are excited to witness Sungchan and Shotaro showing off their skills.

  1. Together Again For Everyone

There is a lot of members, precisely 23! WayV, the Chinese unit, is back in Korea with 21 NCT members and two new members. It featured all the 23 members throughout the "NCT 2020: RESONANCE" comeback. A lot of them with so much talent.

  1. Two-Full Group Comeback

During the V LIVE broadcast, the group unveiled that "NCT 2020: RESONANCE" comeback would be in two parts. "NCT: RESONANCE Part 1" to release on October 12, and the "NCT: RESONANCE Part 2" to release sometime in November, date not yet finalized.

  1. New Unit

A new unit, additional new members, and a new NCT concept will surely make this year's comeback a jam-packed comeback. The group members were very secretive of what is in store for "NCT 2020: RESONANCE Part 2," but the two new members, Sungchan and Shotaro, will be part of a new unit, hopefully, to be revealed with the upcoming release on November.

  1. Power Production

The group has a wide variety of skills and talents with the members of NCT. Notably, Mark and Taeyong are known for producing and writing for past tracks. On the other hand, WayV had self-produced projects last year wherein members wrote, directed, choreographed, and even performed their content. Citizens are expecting impressive performances with all of the group members' combined abilities.

  1. Group Shenanigans

The Wednesday V LIVE gave fans an excellent group dynamics and crazy content s that is sure to come out. People thought NCT was chaotic before; wait until seeing all the 23 members in one room. From old friendships to new "bromances," and who knows for what is next to come.

  1. Multilingual Insanity

The list still goes on for these languages, Korean, English, German, Mandarin, Japanese. There is a veritable alphabet soup of languages covered in NCT with members ranging from Canadian to Thai nationality. One of the title tracks for "NCT 2020: RESONANCE Part 1" entitles "From Home," featuring lyrics in different languages such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. With lots of other languages, there is undoubtedly a multilingual madness happened.

  1. NCT U's Comeback

Since the success of the 2018 album, NCT U had an official comeback. From NCT U's always changing unit concepts due to members who come and go, they are finally back better than ever. Hopefully, this means that NCT U is gifting fans with all the kinds of fantastic unit performances and is here to stay.