The long wait is over. A new film, titled "Are We in Love," is set to be released this March. 

The romance-fantasy movie revolves around a young lady working at a cafe and her admiration towards the owner. Kim So Eun will portray So Jung, a part-time staff whose simple ways change when met with magic and luck. Sung Hoon will portray the character Seung Jae, the owner of the shop.

So Jung goes to work with uniform and hair tied in a bun, and of course, she gets to see her boss on a daily basis and yet she hides her feelings for him. Things will start to change when a mysterious book is handed over to her and life begins to shine. The film and the rest of the cast deliver a fusion of comedy and fantasy in the film for the viewers to enjoy.

In the latest interview with the cast, Sung Hoon was asked about his personal life. The actor shared that his career with more projects is his priority. He mentioned that he wants to finish the English course he takes with his father. Sung Hoon cited that he is not yet keen on getting into married life. He does not think of his future family and is currently enjoying life as it comes.

Sung Hoon enjoyed 14 years as a swimming athlete. He stopped the sport when he encountered an injury that led him to be a trainer instead. At a young age, he already underwent major surgeries but this never stopped him from pursuing the things he likes. The actor also traveled and performed abroad as DJ ROI Sung.

Kim So Eun was then asked the same question about dating. She answered that if the right man will make her feel deeply in love at the right time, she will endure all the hardships and focus her mindset towards love for the right person. The actress shared that she is not yet confident in being in a relationship, and she will only be ready if her self-esteem is intact to be with a man.

Kim Si Eun started early in the entertainment industry. She became popular when she appeared in "Boys Over Flowers." She played the supporting role, or the best friend of the lead actress. She also played many supporting acts in many drama series until her major role came to reality in "Happiness in the Wind."

Before becoming an actress, Kim So Eun was a professional national athlete skier.   

The new film will be previewed on March 25, 2020. Love will be in the air again in "Are We In Love."